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F-4DableModels Direct is a retail hobby shop located at Lot No. D-59-P2.1 Block D Jaya One for scale models. We are the retail shop arm of F-4DableModels who is the national importer/distributor for the following brands; Fine Molds, Desert Eagle Publishing, Reid Air Publications, Sabot Publications, Speed Hunter Graphics, Wolfpack Designs, AirDOC Publications / Wingman Models, DACO Publications, DEF Model, Fight's On Decals / Vagabond Decals, Furball Aero Designs, Hi-Decal Line, Miniman Factory, and Specialty Press.

In collaboration with The School, Jaya One and Scale Modellers Malaysia, we are organizing the following events at The School, Jaya One on 2nd Dec 2023 – 3rd Dec 2023. 

This is an exclusive event for a brand that we are the sole distributoship holder. It is an event whereby people are encouraged to bring any FineMolds brand to the event. It will be the first ever gathering of FineMolds model kits.

If you have a FineMolds model kit that is sitting on the shelf, please bring it to the event for display. You may register here.

This event is an introductory workshop that introduces model building to the general public. The workshop will be conducted by volunteers from the Scale Modellers Malaysia society. You will be provided with a model kit, cutter, blade, plastic glue/cement, sanding stick and tweezer which are the basic tools that you need to make a model kit.

Model kit - This is the subject / object that you will assemble and paint.

Cutter - You will use this to cut the parts from the sprues.

Blade - You will use this to cut or clean left over stub from the parts.

Sanding Stick - You will use this to sand the parts smooth.

Plastic glue/cement - This is specialized glue to be used for model building to glue plastic parts

Tweezer - You will use this to hold small parts (if applicable)

Registration details will be available 31st October 2023, please visit this site for regular updates of the event. 

scalemodel event
smm fm event
SMM Annual is an annual event held by the Scale Modelling Malaysia (SMM) society. This year, we will be glad to have them to organize their annual event together with FineMolds Model Meet. Non SMM members can also participate in this event. Please read the Terms and Conditions attached herewith or click here.
There be many models on display. The models will be evaluated by the honorable judges and will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze badges. 

The SMM representatives will be at the venue, and you can speak to them on how to enhance your model building skills.