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Fine Molds 1/35 IJA Tank Destroyer Type3 HONI-3 with interior

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The Type 3 Ho-Ni 3 was planned by the Army Weapons Administration Headquarters in 1943 as a 75mm gun tank. It was based on the 70mm semi-self-propelled artillery [Honi] that has already been deployed in actual battle. in addition to the character of a conventional artillery tank whose main task is to control enemy positions, it has anti-tank combat capability that can compete with powerful enemy tanks. Developed using the chassis of the Type 97 medium tank, it was well armored. The main gun is equipped with a Type 3 70mm field gun based on the Type 90 field gun, and was expected to be a tank that can destroy the US Army M4 tank from the front at a distance of 600m.

For more information, please refer to : https://www.finemolds.co.jp/FM/35720/35720.html

1. Limited production.
2. Reproduction of Fine Molds #FM20 + new parts.
3. New mold internal parts are included.
4. Accuarately reproduced internal parts such as the control lever and the reducer.
5. Two 97-type heavy machine guns included.