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FineMolds 1/35 IJA Type 95 Light Tank Ha-Go early type Malaya Campaign

RM 149.00

Fine Molds accurately reproduced Typ 95 Ligh Tank that was used in the Malaya Campaing. Prior to the Navy's attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the Army landed in the northern part of
the Malay Peninsula. The troops advanced 1,100 km in just 55 days with the British troops defending various parts of the Malay Peninsula. As the troops approached Singapore, which is a strategic point, the Type 95 light tank make full use of its mobility and firepower. The kit reproduces the short front fender called the early model and the so-called normal
suspension arm. Marking sets the tank belonging to the 1st Armor Regiment that participated inthe Malayan Campaign. 

For more information, please refer to : https://www.finemolds.co.jp/FM/FM58.html 

1. Equipped with so-called normal suspension arms.
2. Can choose to equipped with 7.7mm heavy machine gun or 6.5mm light machine gun.
3. Highly accurate early model with a short front fender.
4. Newly designed muffler guard etching. The main gun ears are also included.
5. Marking comes with 3 types of vehicles belonging to the 1st Armor Regiment of the Malayan Campaign.
6. The track is a partially integrated connection assembly type.