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FineMolds 1/72 Air Self-Defense Force F-4EJ modified fighter

RM 173.50

Completely new mold for 2020. F-4EJ "Kai" is a type that has been modified for the purpose of further improving the performance of F-4EJ and prolonging the life of the aircraft. Main upgrades are ; electronic devices, and various antennas and aiming devices. Marking is attached to No. 375 of the 306th Squadron and No. 440 (commonly known as Shimaru) of Hyakuri Base, which is also the final production machine of the F-4 fighter.

For more information, please refer to : https://www.finemolds.co.jp/FP/FP38.html
1. Completely new mold for 2020.
2. The central part of the fuselage is integrally molded with a slide mold.
3. The inside of the cockpit and other details are precisely reproduced by laser engraving.
4. The small holes lined up in the splitter vanes are also reproduced by engraving.
5. Reproduce the difference between EJ and EJ Kai.